Do you own a trucking company? Or maybe a courier service, or a logistics company? If yes, then a professional trucking company logo will help your company acquire clients who are looking for your services!

A trucking company is an organization that ships and transports goods from one place to another. With the fast growth of e-commerce today, trucking companies are also feeling the increase in operations too. But getting into the market can be hard as the industry is competitive with several competitions including private carriers and companies outside the industry, like air-transporters.

As a business owner, we, of course, want to have the best of everything, including an effective brand logo that'll represent our business and attract clients. If you are opening up a business related to trucking and logistics, here are some logo design inspiration for you!

Trucking Company Logo Design Ideas

Truck logos are used in various services such as in transport, courier, repair and many more. These designs use truck figures in a fun and quirky way like adding some cool features like maybe a parachute or a house (for movers). Some designs could be straightforward, without the funny details where the designers just use the brand name and other symbols related to the brand's services. They are also filled with various colors, from the darkest to the brightest shades. An American truck & trailer service, D&K Trucking has a cool image of a truck stuck between the company's initials.

Layers Logo Design by Paul Rover

Sun Logo Design by Rhg

Blue Logo Design by Wdy8396

House Logo Design by Mekarim

Pink Logo Design by Brandshop

Green Logo Design by Nidji_29

Cargo Logo Design by Logobrands

Grain Logo Design by Mark Mole

Speed Logo Design by Artnook

Parachute Logo Design by Logogo

Yellow Logo Design by Ruanitto

Package Logo Design by Blancetnoire

Box Logo Design by Vb Design

Mail Logo Design by Krasnoshchek

Heavy Logo Design by Jozsef83

Bear Logo Design by Oronoz

How to Acquire a Trucking Company Logo?

If you are looking for ways to acquire a logo for your trucking company, here are some fast and affordable ways to get one!

1. Try crowdsourcing and get tons of custom-made trucking company logo designs from talented designers around the globe! DesignCrowd's platform for crowdsourcing can give you lots of opportunities to find the best logo for your business!

2. Try a logo maker and make your own logo! BrandCrowd's trucking company logo maker can give you plenty of ways to design your own logo. The logo editor is fun and easy to use! You can edit the colors, change the font and add shapes and symbols!

What are you waiting for? Start making your logo today!

Written by Marvi Ocampo on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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