In this age of heroes we see the younger generation look up to iconic superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, and Superman. With the hundreds of fictional and all-powerful men heroes out there circulated in the media, we also need to acknowledge that there are bad-ass and pretty cool girl superheroes we can also look up to as idols like Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and of course, Super Girl.

If you are a female business owner, or perhaps owning a business that caters to the female market, having a Supergirl logo is not only cool but definitely eye-catching. Hero logos are pretty powerful alone, how much more if you focus it with a pretty yet fierce girl image?

For businesses, supergirl logos (otherwise female superheroes) are commonly used as mascots for teams or clubs of any sports. But designers have also used these images in businesses like beauty or flower shops or even in bookstores. Various iterations of 'supergirls' in history and literature are painted in bright, bold, and pastel colors. Some are depicted as the strong, brute warriors that they are, while some are designed in a gentler manner with details and expressions a bit more feminine. Popular female superhero mascots like Supergirl herself, and Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel logos are more of an insignia.

For ideas, let us take a look at this collection of cool Supergirl logo design ideas!

Supergirl Logo Design Ideas for Businesses

Various iterations of women warriors in history or literature are the main subjects of these logo designs. They are often pictured in bright and bold colors to enhance the 'super' motif. While the main subjects are seen as strong, there is a sense of elegance in these designs.

Wind Logo Design by Logotarget

Greek Logo Design by Mad Hatter

Red Logo Design by Petowesd

Scissors Logo Design by Monica

Seashell Logo Design by Logobounty

Norse Logo Design by Cajva

Whip Logo Design by Maka Zedelashvili

Flowers Logo Design by Marka

Moon Logo Design by Kunal09

Amazona Logo Design by Dekmario

Scorpion Logo Design by Masterlevsha

Raven Logo Design by Masterlevsha


How to Acquire a Supergirl Logo?

1. Try DesignCrowd's logo design crowdsourcing platform and get several custom-made super girl logo from a group of talented logo designers from all around the world.

2. Do it yourself by using BrandCrowd's super girl logo maker. This tool is easy to use and will give you the creative freedom to customize your super girl logo. You can add shapes, symbols and change the font and color to suit your taste.

Are you ready to acquire a Supergirl logo? Get in touch and we will help you get started!

Written by Marvi Ocampo on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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