42 Beautifully Designed Abstract Logos of Big Brands

Abstract is a visual language of form, shape, color, and line. They are often characterized by the efficient and creative use of geometrical shapes and spaces. The abstract design is often associated with colorful paintings, unidentifiable forms, and strange shapes.

In logo design, the abstract can be in the form of simple symbols or icons that are creative, impressive, conveys a unique message and triggers a person's curiosity. Brands in the tech industry use this kind of style a lot. A minimalist yet modern look certainly fits the brand concept and makes it easy to remember by consumers and patrons.

If you are looking for a minimal and futuristic logo design, an abstract logo is the perfect design for you and your business. In this logo round-up, we have created for you, we have included some of the biggest brands that use the abstract logo to represent their business.

Abstract Logo for Tech Companies

Abstract designs for brands in the tech industry are minimalist and modern and mostly use geometric shapes. Often tech logos have designs that involve circuits or symbols such as speaker/volume icons. Some designs take inspiration from the brand name itself, creating designs around the initials or objects related to the name.

Here are some popular brands in the tech industry who have effectively embraced the abstract logo design.

Below, on the other hand, are some examples of beautifully designed logos with an abstract design that you can take inspiration from. These are great examples for entrepreneurs who are on their way on building their tech company.

Stripes Logo Design by Smg

Circuits Logo Design by Rffdsgner

Cube Logo Design by Ions

Audio Logo Design by Ions

Abstract Logo Ideas for Fashion

One will find that most logo designs in the fashion industry are recognizable as they give a clear shoutout to the brands' names. Compared to the geometric shape/form of the ones found in the tech industry, logo designs in a fashion mirrors the industry. They could be cursive and contoured or straight and patterned. The colors, too, could be as bright and bold or calm and cool.

Here are some examples of abstract logo designs that you can also take inspiration from. Most of the samples here are initials of the brand name that are creatively modified for a more eye-catching design.


Abstract Logo Ideas for Food and Beverage

Logo designs from the food and beverage industry are the most creative and quirky. In some popular brands, the designs can be as minimalistic as simply being the initials of the brand. Meanwhile, others superimposed objects or symbols relevant to the brand.

Below are some logo inspirations for food and beverage businesses that are thinking of redesigning their brand logo. These designs play a lot of shapes and spaces, modifying objects such as mugs or cups into animal faces.

Spoon Logo Design by Brainstormsketches

Sushi Logo Design by Ions

Abstract Logos for Sports Club and Teams

Similar to the logo designs in the fashion industry, a lot of logos for athletic/sports apparel brands are minimalist, referencing the initials of the brand name. Some of these designs use spaces and shapes of the brand initials in the logo to incorporate sports-related objects. Other designs are simply symbols connected to the brand name such as Nike.

The following round-up are examples of logos that use the abstract design for an existing business that wants to rebrand. Like those from popular brands above, the logos use initials and images to portray their business.

Golf Logo Design by Novita007

Claw Logo Design by Notifications

Claw Mark Logo Design by Smg

Lightning Logo Design by Artlogic

How to Acquire an Abstract Logo?

If you are looking for an abstract logo for your existing business or a brand new one, but don't know where to look, worry no more! Here are some effective and efficient way of acquiring an abstract logo!

Option 1: Hire a professional logo designer to design a custom-made abstract logo for your business. Get in touch with thousands of logo designers from DesignCrowd's community who will be more than happy to prepare a logo that fits your vision!

Option 2: Create your own using BrandCrowd's abstract logo maker. You can also look at out line logo maker and tech logo maker for more ideas. There are hundreds of logo design that you can choose from. Get creative and have your logo in as easy as 3 steps!

Today is the best time to get started with your logo design. Get in touch today and have your abstract logo in no time!

Written by Marvi Ocampo on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Marvi is a travel blogger and freelance writer who mixes in a love for design into her work. Connect with her through her travel blog at Osmiva.com