Lettermark or monogram logo is a type of logo design that consists of letters. The letters are often designed to represent a brand's initial with designers adding a creative touch to the overall logo design. Because it is a typography-based design, the logos often pass as simple and minimalist with bold letters that can either be in bright or dull colors.

A lettermark logo works well with brands who have long business names or those with short brand names and prefer a more personal approach to how people know them. With this type of logo, you can use it to any type of business: may it be a personal business or a corporation with stockholders.

What Makes A Lettermark Logo Standout?

It is easy to remember a brand if their logo says the brand name itself. While these logo designs may be in danger of being boring or forgettable, the key is in the font that a designer chooses or creates.

Depending on the essence of the brand, the font styles would differ. They could be fine and elegant as in fashion brands, or heavy and modern as in tech brands.

Some designs add subtle details that may have to do with the brand's vision (i.e the smile or arrow connecting A to Z in the Amazon logo). A majority of these logos also use one or two colors, keeping it minimalistic.

Above all, one thing that makes a lettermark logo ideal is that it can complement any type of design that you want to incorporate with it. A logo designer can go all the way or be as simple as possible and still create a good looking logo.

Popular Brands With Lettermark Logos And Their Evolution

Several popular brands rock a lettermark logo. Below are some examples of how a brand's logo has evolved in the past couple of years. It can be noticed that some have even played around with several logo designs before using a solid lettermark logo to represent their brand.

Most lettermark logo shown below, except for the Yahoo logo sport bold letters with dark and sometimes bright colors. The letters are also spaced apart to emphasize the brand name.

Let us take a look at these popular brands

Lettermark Logo Design Ideas for Inspiration

If you are thinking of rebranding, just like the popular brands above, or maybe starting a business of your own, these lettermark logo inspiration is a good way to start. You can never go wrong with this type of logo design!

Here are some logo design inspiration for you!


Have you gotten the creative inspiration you need to visualize your very own lettermark logo? We hope so!

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Written by Marvi Ocampo on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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